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Near Death Pits You Against Mother Nature, Out Now

Fight for your life

Near Death [official site] is a terrifying survival game, but there are no monsters or other manner of evil creepy crawlies. Instead, you spend the game in constant fear of your own human frailty as you struggle to survive an Antarctic blizzard. It sounds absolutely brutal.

After you survive a plane crash on the South Pole, your only chance of survival lies in the abandoned research station you stumble across. You'll have to brave zero-visibility blizzards and unstable temperatures that can reach 100 degrees below zero. The weather can even impact different rooms--some rooms may have broken windows or doors, meaning you'll have to find a way to fix them before you freeze to death.

The game's setting is entirely open with no loading screens, although some parts of the base are inaccessible until you find the tools to break through any barriers.

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Near Death includes a simple crafting system to create makeshift tools with the debris you find around the base, such as lights to guide you in white-out conditions. The game strays from other survival games in that there are no meters to maintain--you won't have to worry about keeping yourself fed in the icy wilderness. Instead, this seems to be a game that pits you against the ambivalent natural forces around you. Neat stuff!

You can buy Near Death on Windows, Mac, and Linux through Steam for 10% off until August 9 for £9.89/€13.49/$13.49.

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