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Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition out this month

Is it March already?

Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition, the revamped re-release of BioWare's 2002 wizard 'em up, is due to launch on March 27th. That's the news from revampers Beamdog, whose prior retromancy includes revamping Planescape: Torment and overhauling Baldur's Gate then making a new expansion for it. Like those, Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition has fancier pictures, though NWN being 3D means the overhaul is a little more involved.

Beamdog announced the release date in a dev livestream on Friday, during which they also showed off their revamped Hall of Justice. That's from about 24 minutes in this archived stream:

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I do like that the new style reminds me a bit of 2D environments from the Infinity Engine RPGs, the scale and stress of detail and whatnot.

The Enhanced Edition is fancier on the surface but does still have the same gameguts, enough that saved games and mods from the original will still work in this. The originals are still stocked in digistores so you can always just get those if you're not interested in modernisation. That's fine. No harm.

Beamdog are still updating their revamps of Infinity Engine Enhanced Editions, by the way. A new Icewind Dale update is in public beta testing right now, fixing bugs and adding features including Italian voiceovers, while the two Gates Baldur have updates on the way.

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