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New Indiana Jones And The Great Circle trailer shows snow nazis making train noises and not much else


Indiana Jones makes a fist at a Nazi while buried in sand in Indiana Jones And The Great Circle.
Image credit: MachineGames

Indiana Jones And The Great Circle, Indy’s upcoming FPS adventure game, has a new ‘Official Showcase Reveal’ trailer, officially showcasing and revealing basically nothing about the game except that it features some pretty and decently acted cutscenes, which we already knew from the previous reveal. It does have snow nazis in however, possibly the rarest flavour of Nazi after Cookies n’ Cream and Original. You’ll find the trailer below. Be careful: it’s official. Also, it’s mainly just one very long cutscene, so if you want to save that stuff for when the game’s out, maybe don’t bother.

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I won’t recount the myriad story events that occur within, although I will say that Troy Baker is doing an admirable job as Indy. We do get a smidgen of gameplay right at the end, where Indy throws various punches at various flavours of nazis, and also wields a frying pan at one point. There looks to be a reasonably fleshed-out melee system involving biffs and parries. Previously, we were shown first-person whip-robatics, as well as stealth and gunplay. The last Indiana Jones game I played was a Mega Drive one, and the main thing I remember from it was a hair-pulling inflatable dinghy section. I’d say gameplay has come a long way since then, but honestly, I have no way of knowing.

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