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Robot exploder Nex Machina blasting onto PC in June

So many particles

Nex Machina [official site], a twin-stick shooter with explosions, robots, particles, and more explosions, is coming to PC on June 20, developer Housemarque has announced.

The company has largely focused on the PS4 in recent years and I've heard good things about its games, particularly Alienation, so I'm glad it's returning to PC. The last time it was here was in 2011 with Outland, which you may remember as as a flashy 2D platformer. I was a big fan.

In Nex Machina, robots have overrun us puny humans. It's your job to shoot waves and waves of them from a top-down perspective, racking up as many points as possible on your own or in local co-op.

Really, it's an excuse to create massive explosions with lots of particles. The developers really, really love particles. They've even sent out a slow motion gif (below) to show those particles in action.

Nex Machina is the result of a collaboration between Housemarque and Eugene Jarvis, a veteran designer of games including Robotron: 2084 and Smash TV, which I've never played but I hear provided ludicrous, over-the-top action. No doubt those roots will shine through.

It's going to be "pure, distilled, undiluted action" (a similar tagline to the stuff I use to bleach my toilet), and you don't have long to wait. Here's a full trailer:

Cover image for YouTube video

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