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Nier: Automata white screen bug fixed for AMD cards

Nier Miss

Nier: Automata [official site] is a wonderful action-RPG plagued, for some, by technical issues. Random crashes, blurry visuals and low frame rates are just a few of the problems players have faced, but those with AMD cards have had it worst. It's been virtually unplayable for some because of a bug turning the screen white, which is pretty inexcusable.

AMD have finally got round to addressing the problem with new drivers.

Why has it taken so long, you ask? Here's what a chap from AMD had to say for himself in a Reddit post:

"I know I will be asked 'why did it take so long' and the short answer is sometimes when an issue seems like it's so simple can turn out to be incredibly complicated to resolve, taking longer than expected time to discover, resolve, and verify the root cause."

Better late than never, I suppose!

Hopefully now that the biggest technical issue is out of the way, Platinum Games can concentrate on solving the long list of other gripes (Redditers have compiled a comprehensive list here).

Nier: Automata

Until that happens, there's still some decent solutions provided by the game's modding community, god bless them. Andon 'Kaldaien' Coleman, who has also helped fix up games including Final Fantasy X, Tales of Berseria, and Disgaea, has released the FAR (Fix Automata Resolution) tool, which fixes the blurry screen problem and also helps boost performance.

Alice didn't have any massive technical issues with the game, but using the FAR tool to knock the global illuminations shader down a notch gave her a 5-10% performance boost. That's not to be sniffed at.

It's a real shame, because Nier: Automata is a game than any RPG fan should be able to experience. I'm glad AMD users can finally get their chance, and let's hope the fixes keep coming.

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