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Platinum's NieR: Automata Coming To PC Too

That's the stuff!

Cavia's 2010 oddball action-RPG Nier never came to PC but I did hear good things about it, mutterings that it could be quite loveable if you got over its flaws, mutterings that reminded me of my beloved Deadly Premonition. Well, we still haven't had Nier on PC but we will be getting the sequel. Publishers Square Enix today announced that NieR: Automata [official site] is coming our way and ooh, this time the venerable PlatinumGames are making it. Given the wonders they conjured when they made a game about a warcyborg, I'm jolly excited to see what they do with two childlike warbots. Beyond ultraviolence, obvs.

Square Enix announced the PlayStation 4 version last year but now it's official: PC too.

So! It's the future and mankind has retreated to the Moon because otherworldly invaders have flooded earth with fighting robots. Humanity sends its own warbots in return, including Automata's childlike protagonists. Or something like that, anyway. Playing as a battle android named 2B, we'll get to fight the naughty robots with swords, a gun drone buddy, and other Platinum coolness.

Platinum's last few games have been humdrum licensed games like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan but my faith in them is still firm. They can make amazing action games.

NieR: Automata is due in "early 2017". Until then, here's a trailer from E3 with some words and things:

Watch on YouTube

And this one is straight action, with the robits beating up that giant robotic music hall singer:

Watch on YouTube

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