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Nier soundtracks are now streaming on Spotify and Apple

Like I'm carrying the weight of the world

Nothing says 'Monday morning' quite like punching yourself directly in the heart with a fist formed from five minutes of music then crumpling on the floor, a solitary tear rolling down your cheek. Thanks, Square Enix, for enabling this Monday morning moment by adding Nier soundtracks to Spotify. As part of the tenth birthday celebrations for the series, soundtracks for Nier: Automata as well as ye olde Nier Gestalt and Replicant from consoles are now up on streaming services. Listen at home! Listen on the bus! Listen at work then try to justify it by writing a post about you crying over roboguilt at 11am on a Monday!

Up on Spotify, you can now find Nier Gestalt & Replicant OST, its remix album 15 Nightmares & Arrange Tracks, the Nier Automata OST, stripped-down Automata piano versions, and Automata Arranged & Unreleased Tracks.

Squeenix slammed music into Apple Music but I don't use that and don't want to install it to find everything so, ah, here are the main soundtracks to get you started. Looks like tunes are also up under Amazon Music Unlimited.

I don't know the original Nier but Automata has some cracking tunes, and a good spread of songs and battle tunes and things are up here. I was actually looking for Weight of the World on Spotify the other week but found only covers, so this is quite welcome. As welcome as a punch to the heart with a fist formed from etc. can be, anyway.

It is still fully gutting to realise how badly I react to any suggestion of finding redemption. How dare you.

While Nier: Automata didn't make our best games of the decade list, it certainly made my personal list of games which live in the back of my head.

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