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Ninja is streaming on YouTube now

What a sneaky debut

In what must be a huge stroke of luck, some fella called "Ninja" is streaming on YouTube for the first time ever for hundreds of thousands of viewers. "Like, this is my first YouTube stream ever. Ever. Literally ever," Ninja told his viewers as he dropped out of the battle bus for his first Fortnite match of the stream. I know Fortnite's popular and all, but wow what an ego boost.

Apparently Ninja used to stream on Microsoft's game streaming service Mixer, which is shutting down on July 22nd. I suppose some of you might have watched him over there.

He's uploaded plenty of videos to YouTube in the past, but this seems to be his first time doing an actual livestream on the biggo competitor to Twitch's livestreaming service. Wonder if he'll try streaming there as well at some point. Reckon he should at this rate.

Ah, well it might have something to do with the company he's keeping. You can watch Ninja playing with notable livestreamers "TimTheTatman", "CourageJD", and "DrLupo" above. Looks like they've pulled off a victory royale for their first match, even. This Ninja guy's sure got some good fortune.

No word yet on whether Ninja will pledge loyalty to YouTube after his auspicious first stream or if he'll be livestreaming victory royales to several services in the future.

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