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No 'Con: Transformers MMO Westward Bound

That'll be the initially Asia-only game being developed by Chinese outfit Netdragon. Toy-makers Hasbro (also responsible for brands such as GI Joe, My Little Pony and Nipple Torture Adventures In The 28th Century) revealed in their latest money hat conference that they'll be releasing the game in the US and Europe too. There remain no details, other than a tiny JPG that just might have enough hints of red and blue to suggest Optimus Prime will appear in the game. In fact, I am willing to say right here, right now that the most well-known Transformer of them all will appear in an upcoming Transformers game even though that has not been confirmed. Yeah, crazy huh? I'm a daredevil, me.

Here's that picture. Revel in the detail:

Also revealed is the unsurprising news that next year's third Transformers affront to all sentient life movie will see a spin-off game from Activision. That publisher doesn't exactly have a history of pouring time and big ideas into its MovieFormer games, but maybe third time's the non-insulting charm. We'll see.

On top of that is a sequel to War For Cybertron, a Transformers game which did a few things right and a few things somewhat tediously. Hopefully the relative success of the first one means this one can strive a little harder: there's certainly some potential there now the framework of shape-shifting and thumping has been established, but I'll be very upset if it's another exercise in corridors and lever-pulling.

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