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No Man's Sky now has living ships with creepy, veiny cockpits

Easy on the throttle, it might tickle.

No Man's Sky continues to grow and now it's grown something properly alive. It's an egg that hatches into a sentient ship. Sorry, am I reading that right? Yup, the spacefaring crafting simulation game now has ships that are alive and you pilot them from inside their apparently spacious cockpit heads. Where's the brain at, though? The Living Ship update is adding some other organic stuff to the universe and NPCs that can hail you from space.

The marquee bit is, of course, these giant creepy ships. Like the non-sentient ones, these living spacecrafts also have a bunch of slots for upgrades. The parts are also alive and apparently at least one of them is called a "vast crevice." I demand to know who named all these things. Tentacle cockpits and vase crevices? Calm it down over there Hello Games.

Anyhoo, the ships are alive and they hatch from whispering eggs. You'll go on an egg ship origin quest to hatch your own baby starship and uncover how and why the Daft Punk-lookin' Korvax aliens created them.

Along with your new hatchable pet ships, Hello Games have added some other nifty bits to space. NPCs can hail you from space to ask for assistance, trade, or apparently more questionable motives. You can also come across "mysterious space objects," at least one of which looks like a space dinosaur's ancient jaw. Investigating them yields either rewards or combat, it sounds.

Along with all the curiously alive new stuff, Hello Games have also shipped some quality of life changes and bug fixes. The most notable on the list by my estimation is the ability to warp as a group with your friends if you're traveling together. You can meet up at the Space Anomaly and queue up a destination from the portal to bring folks along with you. Handy!

Hello Games' co-founder and band frontman Sean Murray also says today that the studio is experimenting with more routine updates for No Man's Sky. Previously Hello Games worked on large updates like No Man's Sky Next and Beyond for the better part of a year. Murray says "Sometimes there were fun features that were wrapped up in other things waiting for release. Whilst we continue to work on more radical things longer term in the background, in the meantime we are experimenting with releasing content we know the community would enjoy as soon as we’re able." He also adds that this is an "organic" process (har har) and Hello Games will continue to adapt.

You can read the full list of notes for the Living Ship update on Hello Games' website.

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