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No Man's Sky now lets you ride flying creatures in the Prisms Update

Oh, and there's been a big visual update too

Space exploring sim No Man's Sky is now letting you get off the ground, and not just in your ships anymore. You're now able to tame and ride low-flying space creatures. Take a gander at that silly flying space squid and tell me you don't want to hop on one right now. Hello Games have also made a pretty sizable visual update to the universe, but I'm honestly just excited about flying ten feet off the ground on my weirdest new pals. How silly and rad.

No Man's Sky added the ability to ride planetary critters quite a while ago, but you can now ride even more of them. "Low-flying creatures, such as giant beetles, flying worms, and huge butterflies, can now be adopted as your companion," Hello Games say.

Just look at all the silly flying creatures the game has cooked up for folks to mount. This new trailer shows a goofy, green space worm thing. I don't know how or why it can fly, honestly, wiggling through the air like that. I'm also quite partial to the pink dragonfly thing that some dorky space fella is riding on top of, totally unbothered by the giant sand worm crashing into the ground nearby.

As ever with No Man's Sky, your mileage may vary depending on what planets you wind up on and the kind of critters that live there. Still though, I think it's pretty neat. It's another entry on the long list of things that make me want to get back into No Man's Sky, if only I weren't so afraid it would swallow my evenings whole.

Oh right, and there's that visual update too which you can spot in the trailer. There's now more volumetric lighting, more reflections, more warp effects, more stars visible in the sky, and all sorts of other things to make space just a little bit fancier. Back to animals once again, a bunch of them now have fur as well.

You can catch the rest of the details in No Man's Sky's Prism Update patch notes.

No Man's Sky has had a big month already recently. It added the Normandy SR1 ship from Mass Effect to celebrate the Legendary Edition. It now has the ability to use Nvidia's DLSS tech. It also launched its second expedition, those limited-time space adventures that bring tons of players together for a fresh start.

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