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No Man's Sky Set For June 2016, Contains Rutger Hauer

We're cool for the summer

Yesterday, in front of a packed crowd of Sony PlayPeople, an exciting new space video announced that No Man's Sky [official site] would be launching in June 2016. A quick calendar consultation will confirm that June 2016 is not as near as you might have hoped but, despite the PS4 focus of the event, there's no reason to believe that the confirmation of a same-day (or thereabouts) PC release has changed in the last few months. At least 216 days 'til launch, then. For now, you can watch the Rutger-narrated video, below.

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No word on the current status of Orion's shoulder from Mr Hauer but it is good to hear his voice. Adds a certain gravity to the footage. And is it just me or does the video look a bit more weighty on all fronts? Sure, the focus on discovery is still there but combat, fleets and robotics seem to be crowding procedural critters off the stage. Maybe that's for the best - with so long to wait, there's plenty of time to inject some of the mystery back into the procedural planets and their inhabitants rather than dangling them in front of our eyes in every new trailer.

I'm still not sure what to make of No Man's Sky and can't shake the memories of Spore out of my head whenever I think of the possibilities this vast undiscovered place holds. That said, I'm one of the people who actually likes parts of Spore. I'm glad that I've played it and wish that some of its better ideas had been picked up and pushed farther.

Whatever No Man's Sky eventually is, I'll be playing it as soon as I possibly can and I'm happy to wait.

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