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No More Heroes and its sequel have finally touched down on PC

Assassination, lasers, and cats at last

At last there's no more barriers (aside from owning a gamepad) to trying out aughties cult classic No More Heroes. The irreverent beat 'em up from 2008 and its sequel No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle have broken onto PC today. The world's 11th best assassin Travis Touchdown has arrived with an HD upgrade for slashing up the competition, riding motorbikes, and playing with cats. All equally important assassin tasks, I assume.

The first No More Heroes has Mr. Touchdown climbing the assassin ladder to become number one by taking on the ten killers above him. That includes a spandex-wearing super fella with a pelvis laser, an actual high schooler, and a grenade-wielding former model. You know, standard stuff. No More Heroes calls its slash 'em up combat "easy as pie to pick up, yet deeper than a deep-dish pizza." You can spot a bit of all that down here in its PC launch trailer.

Cover image for YouTube videoNo More Heroes – Launch Trailer - Nintendo Switch

"When you're not fighting for your life, you'll do part-time jobs to buy new merch, undergo training to power up for the next ranking battle, and take your tricked-out motorbike for a spin through the streets of Santa Destroy," the creators say. Oh, and helping your cat Jeane exercise. I'll not pretend as if I'm not totally in favor of action games with silly slice-of-life minigames in them.

The sequel has arrived on PC today also, which includes beating up more folks, three playable characters, and apparently dual-wielding Travis's beam katanas.

No More Heroes 3 is in the works at the moment, for what it's worth, though it's planned as a Nintendo Switch exclusive. Who knows, maybe we'll play that one on PC someday too.

You can find No More Heroes on Steam and the sequel Desperate Struggle also on Steam. They're both currently 10% off their usual price of £18/$20/€20 until June 16. Do note that neither one supports keyboard and mouse control, so you'll need to use a gamepad.

I like Jeane already.

Cover image for YouTube videoNo More Heroes 2 - Playing with my fantastic fat cat

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