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No More Heroes 1 and 2 complete their 13-year journey to PC this week

Both cult classics arrive on Steam on June 9th

No More Heroes was an almost instant cult-classic when it was released for Wii back in 2008. That had less to do with it being an alright hack-and-slasher in which you fight assassins with a "beam katana", and more to do with its unusual sense of humour, otaku protagonist, and the fact you saved your progress by doing a poo.

Time to do a poo of your own. No More Heroes and its sequel No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle are coming to PC this week on June 9th.

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In both games you play Travis Touchdown, an "American otaku" and the 11th best assassin in the United Assassins Association. In the original, you ride around an open world, doing side quests and ultimately fighting the ten better assassins until you're number one. The sequel takes place three years later but broadly follows in kind, to lesser results.

The PC release apparently comes with support for HD resolutions, "60FPS gameplay" and additional features such as Steam Cloud. It's effectively the Switch port that was released of both games back in 2019.

These games coming to PC isn't a surprise if you've been paying close attention, as both received an ESRB rating for a PC release late last year. A third game, Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes was also released on PC in 2019, and No More Heroes 3 is currently in development and planned as a Switch exclusive. Perhaps we'll get it on PC in 2034.

Both No More Heroes and No More Heroes 2 will cost £18/$20/€20 and you can pick them up from their respective Steam pages.

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