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I Like Big Gods: No Place For Bravery Announced


I do like a fantasy landscape with ridiculous unearthly scale, and I very much like the look of the ones in the newly-announced No Place for Bravery [official site]. An eerie colossus looms behind distant snowy mountains. A skeletal giant is buried up to its hips in the desert sand, hand still resting on its sword. A huge shadow of a dragon casts your party in darkness. That's the good stuff. Beyond the pretties, mind, No Place for Bravery is a roguelikelike action-RPG with inspirations including Hyper Light Drifter and the time travel trickery of Super Time Force. Here, watch this trailer:

Cover image for YouTube video

Ooh what a pretty one! Apparently our party of adventurers are there to duff up "the godlike entities that brought down humankind".

The brief glimpses of fighting look promising, fast and deadly. The Super Time Force influence comes in the ability to "control more than one character simultaneously-ish by playing with one character and then rewinding time and playing with another character alongside the first one" - think Cursor*10 with swords.

As for roguelikelike components, its fantasy lands are generated procedurally, it's sprinkled with random events, and yes, it has permadeath. Developers Glitch Factory say player progression won't come with incremental number increases but new skills, characters, and items augmenting existing abilities or adding whole new ones, which is nice.

No Place for Bravery is due on Windows and Mac "some time in 2017". You can follow development on its devblog. In the meantime, Glitch Factory's local multiplayer muderfest Party Saboteurs is still in early access - hey, are y'all going to finish that?

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