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Non-Trial New Trials Version

And if you can't decode that particularly labyrinthine syntax, "New patch for RPS fave Trials 2". The full details are here, but the two biggest changes directly answer a couple of my reservations. They've reworked the game so it accepts downloadable content, and to show off have added five courses to the full game. Four easy, and one dynamic, the former of which helps with my problem of not enough relatively laid back course. The latter, is gloriously insane, however. Also, the size of the teams have been increased from ten to twenty, which means that team RPS is yet again recruiting. Feel free to join us - the tag and password is both RPS.

Oh - beneath the cut is a video of the new Dynamic course, Domino Effect.


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Pay close attention to the tyre at the start. You have to ram into it, starting off a chain reaction around the side of the course which eventually opens up the progress route ahead. Sw - and, indeed - eet!

EDIT: I forgot to mention - since the physics have changed, the Dynamic courses have all been remixed... and the scoreboards reset. This allowed quick-to-play horriblistia Tom Bramwell of Eurogamer to get the "Top Dog" and "Top of the Hill" achievements for topping one of them, albeit briefly. The cad.

Oh - and if you haven't tried it yet, the trial version is still available here.

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