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Nvidia RTX 2080Ti release date has been delayed by a week

Absence makes the heart grow fonder?

Just days before it was meant to go on sale, Nvidia have confirmed that the launch date of their new RTX 2080Ti graphics card has been pushed back by a week until Thursday September 27. It's currently unclear whether the delay is due to a shortage of cards, Nvidia wanting to give the Ti's little brother, the RTX 2080, a little bit of breathing room before it comes crashing in with all the frames per second on the planet, or something else entirely, as Nvidia haven't yet provided an explanation as to why their new RTX card has been delayed.

Instead, they've simply asked for patience in the face of this minor setback to both the general availability of the card and anyone who pre-ordered one after it was first announced at Gamescom last month.

Originally, the RTX 2080Ti was meant to launch on Thursday September 20 this week alongside the RTX 2080. However, an Nvidia staff member has since announced on the GeForce forums that pre-orders for the RTX 2080Ti are now expected to arrive sometime between September 20 and 27, with general availability receiving the full seven-day delay until September 27.

Fortunately, the release date of the regular RTX 2080 remains unchanged, so anyone who pre-ordered one of these cards should still receive it on September 20. Similarly, if you weren't quick enough off the bat to secure either a Founders Edition RTX 2080 or one of the many third party editions of the card after their initial Gamescom announcement, you should still be able to snap one up come Thursday.

I'm currently in the middle of testing both cards and putting them through their paces in my suite of benchmark tests, seeing what kind of speeds they can offer at good old 1920x1080, 2560x1440 and, most importantly, 4K both with and without HDR enabled. Initial results are certainly impressive, particularly at higher resolutions, but will they be worth their astronomical asking prices of £715 / $750 and £1049 / $1150 respectively? Find out on Wednesday when I'll be posting my full raw performance reviews.

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