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Oculus announces Resident Evil 4 VR release date for October

Hands on with Leon

October is creeping up on us all and, like a proper jump scare just before I'd expected it, so has Resident Evil 4 VR. Leon Kennedy's spooky cult adventure begins again in the first-person and hands-on version that's arriving on the Oculus Quest 2 next month. Now that you'll be getting all up close and personal with Salazar and Saddler and El Gigante and all, they've gotten some fresh pixels as well, which you can catch a look at once again in a new trailer.

Oculus have previously explained that developers Armature Studio have left many RE4 fundamentals in place but are sprucing it up with VR capabilities. "Weapons and items have been re-engineered as physical objects you can pick up and interact with," they say. "You’ll also be able to switch weapons by grabbing them off your body instead of going into a menu, and you can wield separate weapons with each hand." You can catch a bunch of that down here in the new release date announcement trailer.

Cover image for YouTube videoResident Evil 4 | Gameplay Trailer | Oculus Quest 2

Aside from the shooting and chainsawing, which are all now fully in VR, you'll be doing that classic RE puzzling in first person as well. Oculus have also mentioned that tons of RE4's textures have been remastered for this version. Over 4,500 textures have either gotten recreated or had their resolutions increased, they say. El Gigante up there sure is looking especially wrinkly.

They went over a few additional details about VR movement, 3D sound, and other modern features during their Oculus showcase earlier this year, if you're keen to hear more.

You'll find Resident Evil 4 VR over on the Oculus store when it launches on October 22.

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