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Oculus Rift + Touch bundle price cut £200 in sale

Goggs + wagglers

Folks who liked the look of diving into cyberspace but were put off by the price: is £399/$399 low enough for you to bite? Oculus are taking their tops off for the summer - the top £200/$100 of the price of Rift cybergoggles bundled with Touch motion controllers, that is. Sorry. That's... that's really bad. I shouldn't have done that. I do have a desire to write the awful 'jokes' in marketing copy but I shouldn't make you suffer for it. The point is: for the next six weeks, £399 gets you goggs and matching wagglers. Low enough for you, missus?

Oculus have declared this season the 'Summer of Rift', which seems a bit cheeky - not to mention odd. Summer is the last time I want to be indoors tethered to a PC by my face. But hey, if you fancy hovering above a cyberbeach this summer, now's the time.

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Flinging £399/$399 at Oculus will get you goggs, Touch controllers, an Xbox One controller, a couple of games, and enough cables to make a small macrame owl. The bundle is also available at Amazon and a few other retailers.

Me, I'm wait for this generation of VR to properly crash and pop up in CEX at £30. Get these suckers cheap enough for people to make weird games using goggs in foolish ways, like how the Wii Balance Board, PlayStation Move, and Xbox Kinect found new lives in oddities and event games. It's rebirth I'm cheering for, not death. Though ideally modern VR will live long enough to get its own Star Wars Kinect. Then it can crash and start over as scrapheap treasure.

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