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Go head to head in Oh My Godheads early access

Head to head

Oh My Godheads [official site] captivated Adam when we went to Rezzed this month but I hadn't actually listened to him explaining what the game was beyond working out that it has the capacity for local multiplayer. Just as well they made a trailer with a jaunty explanatory song to accompany its early access launch, then:

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And so! A capture the flag fun thing for a bunch of friends but where the flags are the heads of deities and they might explode in your idolatrous paws or affect your character in unforeseen ways.

On the "how it feels to play" front, I am unsure, but that's where a text from Adam comes in: "I have spent far too much of my time today throwing the heads of gods and exploding pies at people. Oh My Godheads is a lovely, lovely thing."

Oh My Godheads is in early access so despite Adam's praise we're adding ALL OF THE USUAL CAVEATS. Oh, and as per the devs' explanation of why early access made sense for them, here is the relevant bit of the blog post:

"We have decided to go into EA because we want to get the community involved (that's you), we want you to play the game and give us your feedback. Let us know what you like and dislike in the game, we will be listening to it all!

"We will be using your feedback to polish and tweak the game to make it the best possible experience, we will also be looking at adding more maps and heads within the game, so let us know what god head you'd like to see and what location you think we should visit! You never know, your idea might inspire us to add it into the finished game."

In terms of player numbers, it's for 1-4 people and offers keyboard and controller support. Perhaps it could be a candidate for the next RPS sports day if Adam's words are echoed by enough of us!

Oh My Godheads is £10.99/14,99€/$14.99 on Steam Early Access.

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