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Oh, The (Lack Of) Humanity: Primordia Out Next Month

If Primordia - a new adventure with involvement from folks who worked on Resonance and Bastion, among others - is to be believed, we had it all wrong for so, so many years: adventure games never died. We did. In Primordia's dust-and-rust-stained universe, humans have been extinct for so long that the world's not-so-new robot overlords deem them the stuff of myth and legend. Admittedly, "Humanity's extinct now. Discuss" isn't an entirely original setup, but that certainly doesn't preclude it from being interesting. Plus, to be perfectly honest, I just want to explore the gorgeously grungy world Wormwood and Wadjet have managed to dream up. I mean, just look at it.

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Primordia will grace the hard drives of the race of real-life machines that's - in all likelihood - actively plotting our demise on December 5th. There'll be both digital and boxed flavors, although the box is a limited edition pre-order dealy.

It's about a 'bot named Horatio Nullbuilt who likes reading, studying, being alone, and pretty much everything else that's the opposite of adventure. Fortunately, instead of creating the worst adventure game of all time, Wormwood opted to cure Horatio's case of automisanthropy by cannon-balling his life with a plot device. After his and companion Crispin's energy source is stolen, the two end up in the "dazzling city of Metropol," which conveniently contains answers to the mystery of the human race. If only someone had just decided to look there before! If only.

It really does look like it could be quite the thing, though. Plus, I can't resist a giant, overarching mystery. Where did all the humans go? Space? Disney World? Their mother's house for the weekend to, you know, just clear their heads and let off some steam? I need to know! I need to know for reasons.

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