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Waking More: Valve Greenlights 13 New Games

Like somewhat rusty clockwork, the not entirely predictable Steam Greenlight machine has whirred to life again - granting the wishes of hopeful developers who dared perform the dark rituals needed to invoke its promotional might. This time around, 13 games made the cut, and - as is becoming a happy trend - it's a fairly diverse selection. Well-ish known standouts include Waking Mars, Primordia, and StarForge. Oh, also, there's productivity software this time too, so thrill to that. (How does one thrill to something? I've never understood that phrase.)

The full list of newly greenlit games is as follows:

  • Blackspace
  • Darkfall Unholy Wars
  • Dawn of Fantasy
  • Dragon's Lair
  • Euro Truck Simulator 2
  • Gear Up
  • Kinetic Void - Space Adventure
  • The Light
  • No Time To Explain
  • Primordia
  • Sang-Froid : Tales of Werewolves
  • StarForge
  • Waking Mars

I'm quite pleased to see Waking Mars and Primordia on there, as both are utterly delightful and deserve far, far wider recognition. StarForge's star-bound forgery/shootery/lootery, meanwhile, probably takes the cake for most ambition. I've also been interested in Sang-Froid's frigid/froigid take on, um, wolf defense for a little while now, and Kinectic Void was doing exceedingly promising space game Kickstarters before it was cool. Also, those two rhyme, and I actually didn't do that on purpose. Oh, and let's not forget Euro Truck Simulator 2, because I wouldn't be surprised if it was actually the Citizen Kane of games.

Now then, how about that productivity software, eh? First, GET PUMPED, and then read these names: Action! Screen Recorder, Bandicam: Game Recorder, Construct 2, Display Fusion, HitFilm 2, and You Need A Budget 4. That last one, especially, I feel like I'll have trouble with, as I haven't experienced the gripping narrative arc of Need A Budgets 1-3. Oh well.

At any rate, see anything you like? Also, what do you think should be next? Plenty of games have been criminally overlooked by Steam's various selection processes, but which ones should be counted as felonies?

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