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Kinetic Void Hits Kickstarter Goal At The Last Moment

Phew, that was close. With literally hours to spare the Kinetic Void Kickstarter met its goal and has been successfully funded. Aiming for $60,000, and with only $40,000 raised with a day to go, it looked like the procedural space explorer would miss the target by a significant chunk. But then like in every basketball movie ever made, the coach called time out, pulled the Kickstarter into a huddle, and reminded them that the magic isn't in their missing team pencil, but in their hearts. And with that they ran back onto the court and extraordinarily raised $26,501 on the last day. More than a third of the total.

Badland Studio managed to get to $66,528 before their time ran out, meaning the rather ambitious stretch goals won't be happening straight away, but most importantly, the game itself will. Hopefully by Christmas this year.

You can read a bit more about the game and why Adam thinks it's interesting here, and there's a motherload of information about the game on its Kickstarter page.

There is inevitably going to be a post-KS Paypal option for continuing to donate to the project, with similar reward tiers. This will run for another month, hoping to mean some of those stretch goals can be realised.

Meanwhile, you can download the prototype of the ship builder right now to get a feel for things.

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