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One Minecraft player created their own cover of Toto's hit Africa in the game

The composition uses Minecraft’s note and command blocks

Minecraft players are a creative bunch, that’s undeniable, but someone decided to spend more than three months planning out the whole of Toto’s 1982 classic song Africa using the game’s note and command blocks. Stacinator has shared their efforts on YouTube and the Minecraft subreddit for all to see. I'd encourage you to have a watch of the full Minecraft Africa video, and wonder why Toto’s only other famous tune is Rosanna.

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I’m impressed that Stacinator committed to crafting the whole 4-minutes-and-21-seconds-long radio edit of Africa rather than just a short snippet. The project required 17,000 note blocks and 19,000 block commands to pull the whole performance off. Stacinator explained that they used “every single fricking note block sound in the game” to achieve the remarkably convincing cover. “This project for me was a culmination of a bunch of different ideas that I at one point thought were all beyond my capabilities,” Stacinator commented on their Reddit post, “so I’m really proud of what I’ve learned.”

The rendition of Toto’s epic Kilimanjaro-mentioning banger comes in the form of a scrolling music video, with animated wildlife such as zebra, giraffes, elephants, flamingos, hyenas, and hippopotamuses. The giraffes are even rainbow coloured, which is lovely. Although there’s no vocals to accompany Stacinator’s version of Toto’s Africa, that just means you’re free to belt out your own stunning interpretation of the song as a form of Minecraft karaoke. The lyrics are there throughout the video so have a go, you know you want to.

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Minecraft: Java And Bedrock Edition is available from the official site for £25/$30. If you’re finding yourself bored and looking for something to do in the game then look no further than our guide to the best Minecraft mods for some inspiration.

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