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Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising

Codies have announced Operation Flashpoint 2's full name: Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising.

This is the official sequel developed internally by Codemasters, rather than the unofficial sequel, Armed Assault, from original developers Bohemia. (This is only made furtherly confusing by there having been a Bohemia developed Op Flash 2 for Codies in 2003, set in the 1970s, that never was).

There's a new site, and promises of a teaser trailer video for all to enjoy. Except of course the moment you try to download it, you're asked to enter your "Code M" details, or register to their special club.

Codemasters: IT'S AN ADVERT. You're supposed to force them down our throats, not make us fill in a form declaring our blood type and favourite breed of sheep before we can get access to it. Fortunately, because we press types live on a higher plane, we procured a copy of the one minute teaser from our Sources, which if it genuinely features in-game graphics (and it's hard to say at this point) then blink, blink, blink - blimey, it's very pretty. Stills from the video adorn this piece. (It will also apparently be so widescreen you'll need to play it at the local cinema).

Hopefully this suggests a diversion from the series' shooting-at-trees gameplay, and will introduce not only dragons (to ride on?), but the ability to cast fireballs from the palms of your hands. Or perhaps more shooting at trees.

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