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Super Isaac Meatman McMillen Explains Øuroboros

Kiss your squished mate

For months, Isaac-Binding Super Meatman Edmund McMillen has been slowly revealing progress on his next games: a puzzle-RPG Isaac spin-off named The Legend of Bum-bo, made with James Id; and some sort of shooty platformer, made with Tyler Glaiel, by the name of... er... oh! That second game now has a name, Øuroboros, which will make it a lot easier to talk about [though that Ø will be a fiddly one all right -ed.]. He's also now described the game in an extended simile of road-mash gut-pash, which I'll sure you'll find highly informative.

McMillen described Øuroboros in a blog post yesterday:

the best way to describe it would probably be like if you took mega man, tossed him out of a moving car so fast it caused a tear in time and space that pulled our existence inside out. your guts being on the outside of your body would make it a lot easier to slide under doors and through the cracks in the sidewalk. writhing in pain as you slide deeper inside the earth, only to find yourself smashed against the veiny eyeball stalks of another iteration of you that seems to have slipped down here years ago. you guys have a long talk about your aches and pains but are suddenly interrupted by the gooey paper thin body of some other guy who looks exactly like you and your new best friend..

'who the fuck are you buddy?' you ask him... no reply..

'hey!, what gives!?' you scream at his elongated mess of throbbing entrails that slightly resemble a face.

'kiss me...' he murmurs, and you do, passionately and with purpose.


far away you can hear a faint voice say '... gay!'

you instantly recognize this voice as your own... loosen up whats left of your body and slide further into the earth, your tears only quickening the descent as you drop out of sight into infinity.

Øuroboros is an action based platformer/shooter with random level generation and the like, ala binding of isaac or spelunky, but... off.

As that fuzzy boy on the television says, "simples."

No word on when Øuroboros might be done so, for now, here's a video showing it:

Watch on YouTube

Heck, while I'm at it, here's a work-in-progress peek at Bum-bo's cardboard menus:

Watch on YouTube

They say they'll ready to show gameplay in a bit.

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