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The Legend of Bum-bo gets adorably grotesque trailer

Bum-bo want coin!

Edmund McMillen made this game. I don't have to tell you that because if you know who Edmund McMillen is then you know what all of his unholy creations look like. The creator of Binding of Isaac and co-creator of Super Meat Boy has a delightfully odd new title headed our way this year, and we finally have a gameplay trailer to go with it. The Legend of Bum-bo is a randomly generated, turn-based puzzle RPG where you take the role of Bum-bo (from the The Binding of Isaac) as he punches the faces off hordes of paper goons and takes their coins, which are then wasted on games at the local casino. It's very crude and stupid, with dumb voices and monsters that are piles of poo.

It's also intensely charming and I know I'm going to fall in love with it.

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So there's a monster. That's monster is you. But there's a different monster who steals your coin and jumps down a tube. So you grab a bunch of garbage and chase after him. Perfectly natural response, right? Monsters need their coins. That's Capitalism 101. You'll use your garbage and your wits and your timing to bring down everything this sub-world can throw at you.

"Every dungeon Bum-bo enters will be randomly generated," Edmund McMillen says, "and much like Isaac feature hoards of monsters, bosses, traps, puzzles and randomly chosen spells, so each run will be totally unique and each successful play through will unlock more items, trinkets, playable characters and more."

What ties this into the larger Bindingverse? From Edmund's blog post about the trailer release, we get a few answers:

Most may notice Bum-bo seems to have a lot of ties to the binding of isaac. i like to call it a prequel, but what i mean by that outside of the obvious themes isnt something i can really explain without spoiling too much, but i can assure you if you enjoyed isaac and also like turn based combat and puzzle games, the legend of bum-bo should be right up your alley.

And here's a quick clip of the character selection screen from the start of a run:

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There's still no exact date but it's coming to Steam for PC/Mac and mobile in 2018, we're told, with plans for a Switch release in the following year.

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