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Horror Fans: Outlast 2 Demo Is Out Now, Has Corn

Cults and bruises

“The horror,” said famous army colonel Walter Kurtz. “The survival horror.” Outlast 2 [official site] will have some of that, by the looks of things, and good news for impatient people who like to be scared: it has a demo out today. It’s a short one at 10-15 minutes and will be familiar to anyone who saw the footage from PAX. But for those of you who were disappointed to hear about the sequel’s delay into 2017, it is something to enjoy in time for spoooooky Halloween.

You can get the demo on Steam, where it weighs in at a hefty 8 gigabytes despite it's brevity.

In the first Outlast you played as an investigative journalist caught in a creepy asylum. This time Red Barrels are going down the bloodthirsty red-neck cultists route. Playing as (another, different) investigative journo called Blake Langermann, you crashland in the Arizona desert with your wife and journo-in-arms, and end up getting chased and harassed by scary people who are also probably very ignorant because they live on a farm.

As before you’ll have a trusty camera with night-vision mode and some less trusty batteries. Run, hide and sob with fear through cornfields, high schools and abandoned cabins, looking for the wife who got separated from you after the crash. Calling it now: you were dead all along. You have "gone to live on the farm".

(The farm is hell)

Ben did our Outlast review and came away with a nervous smile and a shaking hand gesturing a thumbs-up, all in spite of the clichéd setting and copious jump scares. Hopefully, the sequel can please fans of the jitters in the same way but we won’t know for sure until the early months of next year. Until then, enjoy the green-tinted terror.

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