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Descent-y shooter Overload launches May 31st

Spinning around

In this ever-shifting modern world where up becomes down becomes left and before you know it you're all sorts of lost in life, maybe more Descent can help us reorient ourselves. Or Overload, the new six-degrees-of-freedom spaceship shooter from the co-founders of Descent creators Parallax Software. It's doing Descent-y shooting in a modern way, sending players into sci-fi warrens to blast bots and zap-pow to victory. Following a crowdfunding campaign and a year in early access, it'll finally launch on May 31st, developers Revival Productions announced today. And it looks a little something like this.

Cover image for YouTube video

See? Descent-y.

Along with a singleplayer story campaign, Overload boasts a challenge mode and competitive multiplayer. And VR support for people with stomachs made of steel; Descent always twisted my melon even just on a screen. Revival Productions plan to release a level editor after launch too.

Descent co-creators Matt Toschlog and Mike Kulas launched a Kickstarter campaign for Overload back in February 2016, then took the game to Steam Early Access in March 2017.

This is quite separate to Descent: Underground, the recent multiplayer-focused take on Descent that was made by people who weren't involved with the original games but have licensed the name.

Overload will properly launch for Windows, Mac, and Linux on May 31st via Steam and GOG. The price will go up from its current early access amount of £19/€23/$25 to $35.

You can get a broad sense for the game in the free "playable teaser" demo.

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