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Overlord Sputters Back Into Life, Cryptically

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There's some fondness for old man Overlord 'round these parts, isn't there? I mean, no-one's filing it alongside Deus Ex or anything, but it was a jolly enough time, as I recall. Herding malevolent imps around, wanton cruelty for comic effect, being disparaging about humanity, that sort of thing. The hitherto two-game series is about to make some manner of comeback, depending on how much you want to read into cryptic teasing. Though it's about as overt as cryptic can be.

Publisher Codemasters just resurrected the official Twitter account for Overlord character Gnarl, whose updates are positively dripping with vaguely pithy portentousness. "Evil always finds a way," "This won't be the last you hear from us meat sacks", that sort of thing.

Whether it's a full-on Overlord 3, a mobile port or a remastering remains to be seen. Publisher Codemasters is not, apparently, in the rudest of health, so something easier/cheaper than a full sequel wouldn't be terribly surprising, but fingers crossed, eh? It's been six years since Overlord 2, after all, and it's not like anything else has successfully cornered the Dungeon Keeperish Being Evil Is Funny Haha market in that time.

As well as little things like, oh I don't know, its name and anything at all about what it is, there's no word on whether Overlord 1&2 writer Rhianna Pratchett - also of Mirror's Edge and Tomb Raider - will be involved. That's because there's no word on anything, other than that something is probably happening, or at the very least some Codies intern got bored and started a Twitter account.

There's a picture too, but you already saw that when you clicked on this post, right?

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