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So-Soverlord - Overlord: Fellowship Of Evil Released

Not like ye olde Overlords

Overlord: Fellowship of Evil [official site] is not the new Overlord game I've been waiting for. While the original games were Pikmin-y doodads heavy on having your little demonic minion mates do the dirty work while you stood back, this co-op-packing spin off is far more action-RPG-y. Still, charging into battle as Netherghul with your human chums and a few minions backing you up still might be a lark. Maybe?

Player reviews on Steam are looking pretty negative, but those can often be at wild extremes and blow problems out of proportion. At the very least, they do all agree it's definitely not a traditional Overlord - but that's not a secret or surprise.

Fellowship of Evil is an arcade-y class-based action-RPG, with four flavours of Netherghul to play as. Fighting sounds pretty simplistic and unsatisfying, which is a long-running problem with the series but was less of a problem when minions did most of the fighting; here, you're leading the charge.

Every few years Codemasters say they're done with action games and plan to focus on racing games, then they have another crack and release something a bit wonky, then... don't be too surprised if we hear another declaration of racingdom.

Fellowship of Evil is out on Steam for £12. Here's an old-ish trailer explaining it:

Cover image for YouTube video

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