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Override: Mech City Brawl faces down an alien invasion in a new trailer

Neo Tokyo is about to GET REKT

Looking at the latest trailer for The Balance's giant robo-biffer Override: Mech City Brawl, I'm officially jealous I wasn't able to take it for a spin at EGX last month. Looking a bit like old PS2 gem War Of The Monsters, it's a game about oversized cartoon robots knocking seven shades of steel out of each other, or sometimes alien invaders if you're running solo. It all looks a little Pacific Rim meets Megas XLR, and that's pretty much a match made in heaven, so far as I'm concerned. Below, a fresh peek at the game, its features and its big ugly space-monsters.

I've been looking forward to Override since its first announcement (well, re-announcement - its history is storied, but that's for another time), and am fiercely jealous that Dave got to try it out before me. Worse still, he picked the robot dragon/dinosaur character, because it's basically Mechagodzilla. From what I've heard from folks who got to play it, it's a satisfyingly crunchy thing - technical enough to have a respectable skill ceiling, but not so complex as to preclude casual party game fun. For maximum mess, there's also a mode where players share controls on one mech.

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The new trailer gives us our first proper look at the single-player mode. Giant aliens of all shapes and sizes are causing trouble, and only the player can save the city. Ha, I joke - that place is getting flattened anyway, but you're there to make sure that only good old-fashioned Earth-made hardware does the demolition, presumably. The aliens look more varied than I was expecting - there's little swarmy ones, mech-sized ones to go toe to toe with, and the occasional big stompy boss one which will undoubtedly have well-telegraphed attacks and glowing weak points.

There's some other bits in there I like the look of. While alternate character skins and accessories are neat, it looks like at least some characters can transform. The vaguely Gundam x Getter Robo-ish 'hero' mech has a fancy secondary form with extra armour plating, and another mech can transform into a spaceship. If geeking out over that kinda thing is wrong, then I don't want to be right - I will never grow out of loving giant punchy robots.

Override: Mech City Brawl launches on December 4th. You can find it on Steam and its official page here.

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