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Paradise Lost dives into a mysterious hidden city beneath an old Nazi bunker

There are secrets older than the war down here

Abandoned bunker spelunker Paradise Lost sends you down underground in an alternate history 1980. The Nazis dropped nuclear bombs across Europe at the end of World War 2, leaving behind no winners and an apocalyptic wasteland. This narrative exploration game follows a young boy named Szymon down into an old bunker that looks like a bunch of old warheads and computers until he uncovers the hidden city packed with Slavic mythology beneath it. Paradise Lost has just launched today so you can venture down below right now.

The new launch trailer here doesn't reveal much of the hidden city bit, unfortunately, but you can peek it up top there. Betheath the dusty and austere decor of the old Nazi hideout is a more colorful, mysterious world of giant tree sculptures and lovely, mossy gardens. It's a huge contrast from the wasteland up above and the industrial tech of the bunker itself. The retro-future tech mixed with water-y world beneath has shades of BioShock in it as well.

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On his journey inside, Szymon teams up with a girl named Ewa who you can hear in the trailer up above. The two collaborate over the bunker's communication system to discover its secrets, including the city hiding down beneath.

"Uncover the story of the bunker, from its takeover by Polish rebels to the ultimate fate of its inhabitants. What happened to them?" say developers PolyAmorous. Presumably the answer has at least as much to do with the glowing underground gardens and monstrous trees as it does with the 20th century tech above it.

Paradise Lost - A dark, mossy garden of carved wooden statues surrounded by massive trees with symbols drawn on paper attached to them.

It looks like Paradise Lost likely shares similarities with other narrative exploration games about kids in somewhat creepy environments. You know the stuff—your Ethan Carters and Edith Finchs and all. Spooky old stories with a small bit of puzzling in the present day.

If that's the kind of story you're looking to dig into you can find Paradise Lost over on Steam and GOG. It's discounted by 34% to £7.51/€8.24/$9.89 until March 31st.

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