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Paradise Lost sends you to explore a spooky old bunker

You might call it a Vault

Twenty years after the Nazis destroy Germany and eastern Europe with a nuclear bomb, a young Polish boy explores one of their abandoned bunkers outside Kraków. Paradise Lost sends you underground to uncover the mysteries of this spooky fortress in a narrative adventure game. This new trailer gives a closer look at some of the bunker bits you'll go exploring beneath the wasteland and background on its history.

"Explore a vast underground world in which unusual, advanced technology mixes with Slavic folklore and myths," say the developers at PolyAmorous. "Are you ready to learn what fate its inhabitants met?" They say that the bunker was part of the Ark Project which was meant to foster the Aryan race until they could reemerge to rule the wasteland, but things didn't quite go to plan.

As you might imagine, the environments in the new trailer look to be full of giant steam pipes, rail tracks, and big ol' eagle statues. You know, just your friendly neighborhood Nazi stuff.

Feels a bit too much like mythologizing Nazi technology for my taste—what with the bits about "unusual, advanced technology". Don't know about you lot, but I tire of the "ah yes they were bad but impressive" thing that gets done with Reich history. Here's hoping that Paradise Lost spends more time with its Slavic folklore roots than marveling at giant motors.

The obsession we have with spook-ifying Nazi secrets is a bit wearing, but at least Paradise Lost isn't going the action shooter route. It seems closer to something like The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter, walking around and solving a few puzzles as part of a story. Also the 12-year-old kid bit. "Discover the past, shape the present," PolyAmorous say. "Decisions you make while learning the history of the bunker will affect what you will see on your journey."

Paradise Lost is planned for release sometime in 2020. You can find and wishlist it on Steam.

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