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Party Hard Tycoon replaces murder with management

24-Hour Party People

2015's Party Hard was a decent little distraction, and the ultimate excuse to crank up Andrew W.K's Ready to Die to obnoxious levels. A light, stealthy-puzzle game where you play as a disgruntled serial killer trying to very permanently break up overly loud parties that have been interrupting your sleep. So it only stands to reason that the second game in the series is a tycoon-style party management sim.

Wait, what?

Strange as it sounds, Party Hard Tycoon is real and out now, albeit in Early Access form. Hit the jump for an enthusiastically lurid trailer.

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Rather than spend your time stabbing party-goers, this management spinoff wants you to organise the same parties that went and annoyed the serial killer in the first place. Fair enough. It looks like a fairly comprehensive package though, with a good range of environments, party themes and gimmicks to keep your crowd happy with, and even a story mode.

It seems that there may still be some stabbing involved, as it's required that you hire security to keep things in line, but if you end up with an entire screen full of dead revellers, you're probably doing something wrong. Pinokl Games reckon that the game is close to being feature-complete at the moment and that it won't expand much in its estimated 3 months of Early Access. Their primary goal is to gather feedback on balance and tune the game from here until its full debut.

Party Hard Tycoon is out now on Steam and Humble for £7/$10 with a 10% launch discount by itself or in a significantly more expensive bundle with the original game, its DLC and soundtracks for both. The full sequel to Party Hard is still in development and due sometime this year, with it's holiday rampage themes suggesting a near-Christmas launch and even more excuse to play Ready To Die on repeat.

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