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When It's Time To Murder We Will Always: Party Hard

Arcade stealth murder antics

It's the middle of your night and your neighbours won't stop partying, so what do you do? Me, I turn up at their door with a bottle of whisky in hand and a traffic cone on my head, yelling "Wahey!" The chap in Party Hard [official site]? He murders them all, one by one, one way or another in slasher-style antics, while trying not to get caught.

I meant to post about the top-down, arcade-y stealth murder game when it came out last month, then forgot, then again, then forgot again, so now... have a post to, er, note the release of Mac and Linux versions ten days ago? Sure.

Party Hard sees you sneaking into a succession of parties to shut them down, using whatever's at hand to off everyone. You have a knife, sure, but might attract less attention yourself if you go around poisoning drinks, starting fires, popping people into barbecues, setting tractors loose, fiddling with wiring, and so on. Each level's set in a different sort of place, with different bits to fiddle with.

Through all this, you need to avoid being caught. You can usually dump and dispose of a few bodies, but need to watch out for witnesses who'll call the cops, cops who'll hunt you, a Mario-esque handyman who'll block off escape routes, bodyguards, secret agents, and other folks.

I haven't had a bash myself, but have seen others play. It looks pretty fun, and Steam user reviews are okay - though not without complaints.

Developed by Pinokl Games and published by tinyBuild, Party Hard is £9.99 for Windows, Mac, and Linux on Steam. It's a bit cheaper from Humble, who'll simply bosh you a Steam key anyway.

Watch on YouTube

Also, if you're livestreaming your play, Twitch viewers can trigger silly events:

Watch on YouTube

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