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Path Of Exile 2 resurfaces and looks like it'll offer Diablo 4 stiff competition

A new 20 minute video shows the game's second act

Path Of Exile 2 has been quiet since it was announced in late 2019, due in part to some delays caused by Covid-19. Now the free-to-play action RPG sequel has resurfaced with a new trailer and a new twenty minute walkthrough.

Here's a trailer, which shows a taste of the game's second act and its combat.

Cover image for YouTube videoPath of Exile 2 Trailer 2

I'm no Path Of Exile expert, so the first thing that leaps out to me here is how much prettier is than the first game. Path Of Exile has had regular updates but remains an eight year-old game, at this point. It's nice to watch swarms of things die against high resolution textures.

The full twenty-minute walkthrough (embedded below) explains more about the structure of the game's second act (of a planned seven), and shows its new spear and crossbow weapon classes. Spears grant you mobility skills, letting you dash into combat for damage bonuses, while crossbows grant attacks skills you can customise with bolt skill gems. In both instances, the combat looks impactful, and the graphical upgrade seemingly hasn't forced Grinding Gear Games to cut down the number of enemies you'll be battling at one time.

Given its length, there are more details in the video than I can reasonably call out in the post. I particularly want to use the permafrost bolts in the crossbow, so I can then shatter enemies with a second hit. And I love the rocks at around 6 minutes into the video that turn into spiders and roll to attack the player.

Cover image for YouTube videoPath of Exile 2 Gameplay Walkthrough 2

Path Of Exile 2 is due to enter beta sometime in 2022, which means it could theoretically end up going head to head with Diablo 4.

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