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Path Of Exile's first official convention is ExileCon, this November

And it's in gorgeous New Zealand!

If you hadn't yet twigged that free-to-play action-RPG Path Of Exile is pretty chuffing popular, developers Grinding Gear Games have made it clear. They've announced ExileCon, an official two-day fan convention dedicated to clicking on monsters until they burst in a shower of bloody gold. Running November 16-17, it'll be a big love-in for folks who attend and bring some big announcements for distant viewers too. And unlike cons which ask people to travel to the wastelands of California or wherever, this is going down somewhere chuffing lovely: New Zealand, specifically Grinding Gear's home city of Auckland.

ExileCon will bring the big announce-o-reveal of Path Of Exile's update 4.0.0 expansion, as well as of December's 3.9.0 smaller expansion. It'll also feature developer talks, the finals of a race tournament, playable demos of upcoming contents, hangouts, and that other con stuff. The announcement keynote and races will be livestreamed free for non-attendees too.

Grinding Gear have been planning this publicly for almost a year so it's no surprise but I really am impressed that this studio's first game has grown big enough for its own dedicated two-day destination con.

Tickets are now on sale from the ExileCon site. They're $200 USD (£150) and fancier tiers with bonus dinners and such are already sold-out.

Though really, if they're going to New Zealand, won't attendees sack off the whole 'convention' thing to go stare at mountains and swim in lakes?

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