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Path Of Exile: Archnemesis recipes list, plus strategies for maximum Archnemesis loot

Get those loot explosions rolling with these Archnemesis recipes

Looking for the best Archnemesis recipes in Path Of Exile’s new Archnemesis league? Each new Path Of Exile league brings with it a new mechanic, promising new content and powerful new rewards. This league's Archnemesis system is simple on the surface, but if you delve deeper into the mechanics things get more complex, and vastly more rewarding. If you aren’t sure how to make the most of Archnemesis, we’re here to help. We’ve got a handy list of every Archnemesis reward and recipe, an explanation of the recipe system, and a breakdown of the strongest strategies.

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All Path Of Exile Archnemesis recipes and modifiers

First, a list of all Archnemesis modifier types, their rewards, and the recipes needed to create them. If you haven’t cracked the recipes system yet, we’ll walk you through it below. We’ve also broken these modifiers down into four tiers to help you parse them. Tier 1 modifiers are part of the global drop pool, Tier 2 modifiers are created using combinations of Tier 1 modifiers, Tier 3s are made with a combination of Tier 1 and 2 modifiers, and Tier 4s are made with a combination of Tier 2 and/or 3 modifiers

Tier 1 (global drop) modifiers

  • Arcane Buffer (Essence)
  • Berserker (Uniques)
  • Bloodletter (Corrupted jewelry/weapons)
  • Bombardier (armor, weapons)
  • Bonebreaker (random items, weapons)
  • Chaosweaver (gems)
  • Consecrator (fragments)
  • Deadeye (jewelry, armor)
  • Dynamo (random items, jewelry)
  • Echoist (random items, currency)
  • Flameweaver (weapons)
  • Frenzied (random items)
  • Frostweaver (armor)
  • Gargantuan (currency)
  • Hasted (random items)
  • Incendiary (random items, weapons)
  • Juggernaut (Harbinger)
  • Malediction (Divination cards)
  • Opulent (increased rewards)
  • Overcharged (jewelry)
  • Permafrost (random items, armor)
  • Sentinel (armor)
  • Soul Conduit (maps)
  • Steel-Infused (weapons)
  • Stormweaver (jewelry)
  • Toxic (random items, gems)
  • Vampiric (Fossils)

Tier 2 modifier recipes

  • Rejuvenating = Gargantuan + Vampiric (currency, rewards are rolled an additional time)
  • Corrupter = Bloodletter + Chaosweaver (Abyss, drops corrupted items)
  • Assassin = Deadeye + Vampiric (currency)
  • Hexer = Chaosweaver + Echoist (Essencces)
  • Entangler = Toxic + Bloodletter (Fossils)
  • Necromancer = Bombardier + Overcharged (random items, rewards are rolled 2 additional times)
  • Drought Bringer = Malediction + Deadeye (Labyrinth)
  • Hexer = Chaosweaver + Echoist (Essences)
  • Evocationist = Flameweaver + Frostweaver + Stormweaver (random items, armor, weapons, jewelry)
  • Treant Horde = Toxic + Sentinel + Steel-Infused (Monster has minions which drop random rewards)
  • Invulnerable = Sentinel + Juggernaut + Consecrator (Delirium, Metamorph)
  • Frost Strider = Frostweaver + Hasted (armor)
  • Storm Strider = Stormweaver + Hasted (jewelry)
  • Flame Strider = Flameweaver + Hasted
  • Executioner = Frenzied + Berserker (Legion, Breach)
  • Magma Barrier = Incendiary + Bonebreaker (weapons)
  • Ice Prison = Permafrost + Sentinel (armor, rewards are rolled an additional time)
  • Heralding Minions = Dynamo + Arcane Buffer
  • Mana Siphoner = Consecrator + Dynamo (jewelry, rewards are rolled an additional time)
  • Mirror Image = Echoist + Soul Conduit (Scarabs, rewards are rolled an additional time)
  • Empowering Minions = Necromancer + Executioner + Gargantuan (Blight, Ritual)

Tier 3 modifier recipes

  • Effigy = Hexer + Malediction + Corrupter (divination cards, rewards are rolled an additional time)
  • Crystal-Skinned = Rejuvenating + Permafrost + Berserker (Harbinger)
  • Temporal Bubble = Juggernaut + Hexer + Arcane Buffer (Heist, Expedition)
  • Empowered Elements = Evocationist + Steel-infused + Chaosweaver (uniques, rewards are rolled an additional time)
  • Trickster = Overcharged + Assassin + Echoist
  • Soul Eater = Necromancer + Soul Conduit + Gargantuan (maps)
  • Tukohama-touched = Bonebreaker + Executioner + Magma Barrier (weapons, fragments, rewards are rolled 4 additional times)
  • Corpse Detonator = Necromancer + Incendiary (divination cards)
  • Abberath-touched = Flame Strider + Frenzied + Rejuvenating (jewelery, maps, rewards are rolled 4 additional times)

Tier 4 modifier recipes

  • Lunaris-touched = Frost Strider + Invulnerable + Empowering Minions (uniques, all reward types have an additional reward)
  • Solaris-touched = Invulnerable + Magma Barrier + Empowering Minions (Scarabs, all reward types have an additional reward)
  • Arakaali-touched = Corpse Detonator + Entangler + Assassin (all reward types are divination cards)
  • Innocence-touched = Lunaris-touched + Solaris-touched + Mirror Image + Mana Siphoner
  • (all reward types are currency)
  • Shakari-touched = Entangler + Soul Eater + Drought Bringer (all reward types are uniques)
  • Kitava-touched = Abberath-touched + Tukohama-touched + Corrupter + Corpse Detonator (rewards are doubled)
  • Brine King-touched = Ice Prison + Storm Strider + Heralding Minions (rewards are rolled 6 additional times)

Archnemesis recipe system explained

When you encounter an Archnemesis statue and click the button above it, you’ll be greeted with 4 modifier slots and a view of your Archnemesis inventory. To use a recipe and acquire a higher-tier modifier, just defeat an Archnemesis monster using all component modifiers. For example, say I want to create a Frost Strider modifier. The components are Frostweaver and Hasted. So, I insert a Frostweaver into the first Archnemesis statue on the map, hit activate, and defeat the monster.

The first step of the Frost Strider recipe

Then, I insert a Hasted modifier in the next statue and hit activate. This monster will have modifiers from both Frostweaver and Hasted.

The second step of the Frost Strider Recipe

When I defeat it, it will drop both Frostweaver and Hasted rewards, plus a new Frost Strider modifier.

A completed Frost Strider

Best Archnemesis strategies - using Treant Horde for massive rewards

There are a lot of ways you can mix and match various Archnemesis modifiers to generate some impressive loot explosions. However, there are a few combinations that are particularly powerful. The most popular of these uses Treant Horde plus various “Touched” modifiers to generate compounding rare rewards. Here’s the strategy.

Start your Archnemesis off with Treant Horde. This powerful modifier spawns Treant minions around the Archnemesis, each of which drops extra, random rewards. It is the best way to add more items to an Archnemesis, but those random rewards are rarely worth much. Thankfully, we can fix that using either Innocence-touched, Shakari-touched, or Arakaali-touched. Each of these forces all rewards from the Archnemesis to match their reward type. Innocence-touched rewards currency, Shakari-touched rewards unique items, and Arakaali-touched rewards Divination Cards.

Next, use Brine-King touched. This exceptionally-powerful modifier rerolls all rewards six times, then drops the rarest options. This will heavily weight your Archnemesis drops towards the rarest possibilities. Finally, use either Tukohama-touched or Abberath-touched to reroll rewards another four times. You can also use Kitava-touched to double to total rewards. However, you’ll lose those valuable rerolls.

Combining all of these modifiers creates a massive amount of rare loot. Creating all of these components will take a long time, but the eventual payoff is well worth it. As for whether you should choose Innocence, Shakari, or Arakaali-touched, at this point it's hard to say. The currency drops from Innocence probably have the safest value floor, as you’re very likely to get one or more Exalted Orbs. Shakari-touched, on the other hand, has a much higher ceiling, with exceptionally valuable items like Mageblood being a real possibility. Arakaali-touched is probably the weakest option. There are many valuable Divination Cards, but none as valuable as a Mageblood, Headhunter, or Mirror of Kalandra. If we can get solid evidence that one of these options is the clear winner though, we’ll provide an update here. As it stands, there isn't enough data to draw a definitive conclusion.

That’s everything you need to cash in on the Archnemesis mechanic! That huge list of recipes can look daunting, but once you know what to focus on it gets less overwhelming. If you haven’t gotten the chance to start the Archnemesis league yet and need a build, our guide to picking a league starter can help. Or if you’re already blasting through maps, check out our Atlas passive tree strategies guide for some ideas. New players in need of a primer on trade can use our how to trade guide to get started with Path Of Exile's complex economy.

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