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Pathfinder Adventures goes green in Rise of the Goblins

The little scamps!

Won't someone think of the goblins? For decades, the little scamps have existed for low-level players to bully and mock, treated as little more than rats with better loot. It's not on. Now the goblins are fighting back in a story expansion for Pathfinder Adventures [official site], Obsidian Entertainment's adaptation of the RPG card game. The 'Rise of the Goblins' expansion adds a new campaign where we get to play as the violent pranksters, eating slugs, messing about, and setting everything on fire. They're free spirits!

Obsidian explain:

"The Rise of the Goblins puts you in charge of the goblin attack on Sandpoint that kicks off the Rise of the Runelords campaign. You'll get the opportunity to wreck the havoc you previously attempted to solve, using a new deck of cards that turn former monsters into allies and vice versa."

Yup, they've goblinified Pathfinder's 'Iconic' named characters for it.

Rise of the Goblins is out on Steam for £4.01/6,02€/$6.02, which includes the 33% launch discount available until Wednesday.

I do have a soft spot for goblins. They're cruel, greedy, and petty but it's just banter, yeah? They love a good laugh. They could probably take over the world if they focused, but they're happy enough larking about, tinkering with crude and dangerous inventions, and collecting stink.

I'm especially fond of the goblins detailed by Arnold Kemp of pen & paper RPG blog Goblin Punch. They fight dirty (and druggy) with weird weapons, they're always up to something fun, and their traps are shitty but sometimes quite creative:

"4. God in the Ceiling

"This is just a goblin who is hiding in a secret compartment in the ceiling. The goblin will attempt to convince the party that he is "the human god" and that they should put down all of their money on the floor and then walk away. He will not do a very good job of this.

"If the goblin is challenged, he will attack the party with a faulty wand of lightning bolts. (The wand was broken in half and then repaired with a mixture of goblin dung and spiderwebs, and has a 25% chance of backfiring on the user.)"

Those loveable little rogues.

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