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Pendula Swing has packed all 7 of its fantasy roaring 20s episodes together

An unflappable dwarf walks into a flapper bar

If you'd not heard of Pendula Swing, as I hadn't, now's an alright time to find it. The "Tolkien meets The Great Gatsby" point & click adventure game began nearly two years ago with episodic releases. Now that all seven episodes are complete, Valiant Games have wrapped them up into the Complete Journey version. You take on the role of celebrated Dwarven hero Brialynne Donu Tenúm as she explores jazz and speakeasies in pursuit of love and an axe.

Sin quite liked Pendula Swing's earliest episodes when they first launched, calling it "an original concept, executed well." Brialynne finds herself embroiled in modern politics after centuries of isolation, learning about a goblin suffrage movement and looking for new love after mourning the death of her wife. "The tone isn’t flippant, nor as heavy as the themes suggest, and it resists the temptation to write out a Black liberation or feminist story and clumsily paste goblins into it," Sin says. "The premise is well handled, and an imaginative excuse for having you talk to everyone and ask dumb questions. It’s tempting to roleplay too, as dialogue options give you clear chance to be an ignorant relic."

In the Complete Journey, Pendula Swing has picked up a couple new features. Valiant Games say that players can now fish around town, because every game must have fishing no matter how I loathe fishing minigames. More my speed, Valiant have also added the ability to decorate Brialynne's home with art and furniture. Importantly, you can acquire art by stealing it from NPCs, which brings back many fond memories of stuffing paintings in my pockets in Divinity: Original Sin 2. Classic adventuring shenanigans.

You can find Pendula Swing - The Complete Journey on Steam or Itch where it's currently 10% off.

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