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The Final Chapter: Penumbra - Twilight Of The Archaic

A little post-Halloween horror

While Frictional are exploring the depths of consciousness in their latest creep-fest Soma, other developers are continuing the story they began in Penumbra [official site] all those years ago. A team going by the name CounterCurrent Games released an unofficial total conversion going by the name Necrologue last Halloween and this year they finished the story with the fantastically-named Twilight of the Archaic [official site]. Just look at that title for a few seconds. It's magnificent. The games are built on Amnesia: The Dark Descent so you'll need that to play, and can then download both Necrologue and Teatime of the Archaic from ModDB or through Steam.

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I like the trailer but I can't pretend that it didn't initially remind me of The Stanley Parable, which led to an inappropriately loud guffaw at the cyanide capsule line. As always, the true horror lies within the soul of man. In this particular case, I am the man in question. Here's the skinny on Necrologue:

"Total Conversion (mod) for the game Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Penumbra: Necrologue is a continuation of the Penumbra series made by Frictional Games. The game starts right where the last game in the series ended (Penumbra: Requiem). In our game you will see new objects, quests, textures, monsters and music. With the help of the latest HPL engine, this mod will be even more beautiful then the previous games. As huge fans of the original games, we kept the atmosphere exactly like the previous parts. The game is very story-driven and contains many objects that can be interacted with, along with clever puzzle designs."

Twilight of the Archaic picks up where Necrologue left off. CounterCurrent describe it as a "small add-on" but say it'll provide closure on the majority of loose threads from the main game. I didn't get round to Necrologue when it came out so I've got two chapters of chilly horror waiting. Lovely.

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