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Perimeter Expanding: Sequel to Cult-RTS!

Blimey. The games industry is being kind to us right now - just go ahead and announce Thief IV already. Following Colonization and Beyond Good & Evil, a sequel to the terrain-deforming gloriously weirdo-RTS has been announced. In a you-can-write-for-RPS-punning way, It's called Perimeter II: New Earth (Due to the game's powers you can make new... oh, geddit?). Bluesnews points us at KD Lab's press release making the big announcement. And not just a big announcement - a big announcement in charmingly broken English. Loads more info on the site, and a couple of videos beneath the cut.

In fact, the videos kind of destroy the idea it's just been announced, as they're from yonks ago. Maybe this is an official announcement - like when you know a couple are having sex with each other for ages before they admit they're actually going out to everyone else.

From April, here's the first official trailer:

This article contained embedded media which can no longer be displayed.

From - gasp - January is the Video containing some early play:

This article contained embedded media which can no longer be displayed.

Impressions? "I am not a crook". That was Nixon. The game? Good to see the enormous blobby force-fields back in action.

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