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Phantom Doctrine trailer exposes the big conspiracy of how it works

It's no conspiracy: here's how Phantom Doctrine's tactical action works

After cutting their teeth on turn-based tactical action with 2015's demonic cowboy 'em up Hard West, CreativeForge Games will fight through Cold War conspiracies in Phantom Doctrine, as a new trailer lays out. We've explained Phantom Doctrine in previews but, if a picture is worth a thousand words (and I've no reason to doubt the idiom), these three minutes of 60fps video are worth almost 11 million words, explaining the layers of the game in more depth than any human reasonably could (even our dear former Adam, RPS in peace). Watch it below.

Interesting! Parts of that global layer strike me as very XCOM 2-y, but it's clearly not 'XCOM but Cold War'.

As paltry as the written word may be, dear sweet Adam did say after playing a preview version last year that "The closer you look, the less of XCOM there is to see. It's the machinery beneath the surface that makes Phantom Doctrine tick and I reckon it's complex enough that I'll enjoy getting my hands dirty and picking it apart."

That's remarkably informative and insightful for 4% of a picture. I miss him.

Phantom Doctrine is due to launch on August 14th via Steam and GOG. The usual price will be £30/€40/$40, though it'll debut with a brief 10% launch discount. It's published by Good Shepherd Entertainment.

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