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Pixel Game Maker MV scoots into early access

Make dumb games without code

It “scoots” because that's a motorbike, see? Anyway, yes, Pixel Game Maker MV is a game-making tool from the folks that created RPG Maker. It’s designed to let game tinkerers make side-scrolling and top-down games without using programming language. The jangling toolbox was announced in May but it's out in early access now, featuring two sample games (a Kikstart clone and a platformer about a witch and her 66 mushrooms) as well as a sample project featuring some characters and art from two editions of RPG Maker.

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You can create your own sprites and animations using the tool, or import your own. While you don’t need any knowledge of programming to use it, say the developers, you can use JavaScript extensions to “add to the pre-existing features”. In other words, you can still do some magical codey stuff if you’re in the know, or worm your way into the know. There’s particle effects, physics, and the ability to create multiplayer games up to four players. The developers explain some of the basic tools here.

It isn't a revolutionary program, thanks to the existence of GameMaker and other similar tools. However, it might be a better learning tool depending on how it's built. RPG Maker gave us Space Funeral, To The Moon, Rakuen, OneShot and Yume Nikki, which isn't a bad haul.

It’s on Steam Early Access for £67.99/€71.99/$84.99 (but discounted to £54.39/€57.59/$67.99 for its opening week). Developers Kadakawa say a full release is due "sometime in 2018" and that they'll use the early access "for the purpose of receiving valuable feedback and opinions".

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