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Plain Sight's Unplain Site

Actually, it's pretty plain, but we like the design aesthetic. Anyway - after Bioshock, I've still got a hunger for retro pop applied to videogames. After finally seeing Wall-E on Friday, I've got a hankering for tiny cute robots. And ninjas? Hell, I can always go for ninjas. Hence the trailer for fortcoming XNA-powered PC-game Plain Sight caught my eye. And that was before I noticed the game's subtitle: "Kill Yourself". SUICIDE IS BEST OF ALL THE CIDES, TRY IT NOW. Er... video beneath the cut.

Actually, Pesticide is also pretty groovy.

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In short, as explained on the agreeably iconic instruction page: "Notice the sword. This you use to kill other robots to steal their points. More points make you bigger, stronger, better - a happier robot. The Crux: you only get to bank your points if you blow yourself up." Blow more people up, more score, respawn, adventure, excitements.

Indie multiplayer game cuteness with a bold design sense: I'm going to keep an eye on this one, if only because their FAQ explains the games' name by saying it's called it because "Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble was already taken." And - er- the players are always in Plain Sight.

(Actually, that reminds me I've got to get back to playing Dangerous High School Girls In Trouble. Man! Videogames.)

I was going to post about this anyway, but I've just noticed Declan Shalvey a comic artist of my acquaintance of mine has done art for Beatnik Games' site do nepotism doubly insists I do. Next week: what my mum thinks of Assassin's Creed. Teaser sample: "You seem to spend an awful lot of time standing in that gray room".

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