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Robot Rock: The RPS Plain Sight Night

What are you doing tonight?

We here at RPS are card-carrying fans of Plain Sight, the beautiful, acrobatic, low-gravity robot dueling game. So last week when the developers got in touch about organising an RPS Plain Sight night to give a boost to the game's ailing playerbase, I was all to eager to shout "Yes!", though it was more like "Yepht," because at the time I was eating spaghetti. Whether you do or don't own Plain Sight, if you want to have some fun and/or do a good deed and/or literally run rings around a sucker or two, tonight is for you. Details after the jump.

I say that tonight is for you even if you don't own Plain Sight for the simple reason that at £1.99, the game's so ludicrously cheap now that even if you bought it and just played for a couple of high-octane hours tonight, you'll already have gotten your money's worth. If you want a more solid reason than that, here's Kieron and me singing the game's praises.

So, when will this be taking place? And where? It's easy! Come 6pm GMT Beatnik Games are going to be starting a selection of dedicated RPS servers that you'll be able to see via the in-game lobby, at which point you should simply come along and have yourself a good time. I've specifically requested one CTF server, which as you may or may not know is the connoisseur's Plain Sight mode of choice.

One last thing- at this point I'm going to say what I always say in conversations about Plain Sight, which is that you should disable the game's music and run your own in the background. This game has a miraculous ability to suit any genre of music you care to throw at it, and both the album and the game will benefit. You'll see. Jonsi's Go in particular becomes a supernaturally beautiful experience when you're floating a ninja robot through various dangerous parabolas. Give it a shot! And I hope to see you guys there.

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