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Planet Explorers? Planet ExSPORErs More Like

Jim and Adam have written words about Planet Explorers, a sort of MMO single and multiplayer voxel-based construction game that's free to download right now. The reason I am returning to the game is the developer of this oddball mix of Spore, WoW, and Minecraft has just released a video showing their commitment to user-created content. It's a sci-fi fantasy world with giant, stalking deathbeasts, shiny spaceships, and laser blasters, so naturally you'd expect to see Arrested Development's Stair Car roaming the lands.

Ah, modders. Give someone an SDK and you can be sure that they'll take your lore, open up a rift to another universe, and make things touch that were never, ever meant to touch. Planet Explorer's tools allow you to make a wide-range of things: you can build your own weapons, design your own bases, and as this video shows, the vehicles.

Watch on YouTube

Want to know how they did it? Look here.

Watch on YouTube

I actually played this way before the other two got excited about it, but it was so early there was nothing to do or see. Now it's full of things and I feel like a fool. And it's currently Kickstarting.

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