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Planet Zoo adds lemurs and cakes its free anniversary update

Look at that excellent beard, lemurs are the best

Planet Zoo is celebrating its two-year anniversary with a free update that adds black and white ruffed lemurs, and a new cake shop. I'm very excited, lemurs are my favourites! I went to the IRL zoo last month and the lemur walkthrough was closed, which was absolutely gutting. But if I can't have real lemurs, you can be damn sure I'm adding some of these fluffy fellas to my virtual enclosures.

The update is out now, and you'll be able to celebrate the game's second birthday by adding a cake shop named Bernie's Bakes to your park. I don't think I've ever seen a cake shop in a zoo, come to think of it. Donut stalls, sure, but never cake. Huh.

But the best new addition, obviously, is the white ruffed lemurs. Planet Zoo already has ring tailed lemurs and red ruffed lemurs, but these monotone lads should add a little variation to your lemur spaces. I think the white ruffed are my faves, purely because it looks like they have big bushy beards.

Cover image for YouTube videoPlanet Zoo: North America Animal Pack | Launch Trailer

Developers Frontier are holding a community challenged in-game too this weekend. Between today and Sunday the 7th of November, every five animals you release increases your chances of getting rarer animals (like ones with albino colouring). Then every 20 you releases gives you a new outfit. Check out the full details and patch notes on the forum.

Planet Zoo is an RPS Bestest Best, and in Nate's Planet Zoo review from 2019 he called it his undisputed game of the year. "Because here’s the thing: it’s a game where you can build your own zoo. And by thunder, it delivers on that promise," he wrote.

I do wonder if Nate has anything in store for us with this new stuff. After the game added the North America Animal Pack last month, he made a grim facsimile of HBO's Deadwood, complete with enclosures labelled "Water Bastards" and "Goddamned Pond Men".

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