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PlanetSide 2 Trailer Makes Interesting Soundtrack Choice

I have to say, this PlanetSide 2 trailer is probably one of my favorite pieces of game-related promotional material in quite some time. No, it's not packing the megaton budget of, say, Metro's fantastic live-action scene-setter, but in this case, simplicity wins the day. For one, it's yet another impressive demonstration of battles' ridiculous scale, with a colossal swarm of ships raining rockets on the parades of just about everything except an actual parade. But also, it features what would surely have become the 1856 videogame trailer equivalent of overused dubstep - if, you know, they had videogames in 1856. Or trailers, for that matter.

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Ride of the Valkyries! Wasn't that silly? I love it, though. While other trailers seem to be engaged in this constant war of glitz-and-glamour-based oneupmanship, PlanetSide's off in its own little world of just-overused-enough-to-be-amusing classical music mindlessly blowing shit up. It's simple, gets the point across, and manages to be worth a chuckle. Delightful.

As for PlanetSide itself, the massively purple multiplayer shooter looks brilliantly hectic as always, and I continue to desperately pine for it even in my happiest of hours. As with most things I want, however, this one still doesn't have a release date. But, unlike a puppy - which is another thing I want - PlanetSide's free-to-play, making its biggie-sized battles even more impressive. Although, now that I think about it, puppies - via unstoppable, adorable destruction and that whole eating thing they do - become significantly more expensive over time. Did puppies invent microtransactions? But then that means... Oh god. I've opened Pandora's Box. This harrowing knowledge wasn't meant for mortal man.

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